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Waste disposal


A.- Standard levy to be paid by vessels to the Port Authority

Article 132 of the Article 132 of the Revised Text of the State Ports and Merchant Navy Act sets forth the structure of service provision, allowances and exemptions. In order to reduce discharges into water of waste generated by sea-going vessels, Spanish Port Authorities are required to charge a standard levy to all ships each time they call at a Port, regardless of whether they make use of the prescribed waste collection service or not. This standard levy, which is based on the vessel’s gross tonnage (GT), entitles ships to off-load into land-based collection media in Zone I, free of charge and during the first seven days of their stay, all waste matters listed in Annexes I and V of the 73/78 MARPOL Convention.

Should waste be discharged into sea-based media or in Zone II, the afore-mentioned standard levy for collection in Zone I shall be increased by a further 25%.

For discharges of waste matters listed in annexes IV and VI, as well as those taking place after seven days in port, payment based on the volume of waste should be made directly to service provider.

Service providers may agree to offer users of their services trade discounts or rebates, at their own risk and expense, based on the type and volume of waste discharged per year, among other considerations.

This standard levy applicable to each vessel at all calls at port is the result of calculating a basic amount (R) by the following indexes depending on the vessel’s gross registered tonnage (GT):

Vessels between 0 and 2.500 GT 1,50
Vessels between 2.501 and 25.000 GT 6 x 0,0001 x GT
Vessels between 25,001 and 100.000 GT (1,2 x 0,0001 x GT) +12
Vessels over 100.000 GT 24,00


The value of the basic amount (R) is set as 80.00. This basic amount may be revised in the Annual State Budget or by any other government bill that may be passed depending on how the costs of this service evolve throughout the state port network.

B.- Payment schedule for the provision of services not included in the standard levy, payable to the service provider.

Vessels exempted from paying the standard levy for the collection of waste generated by sea-going vessels under the provisions of article 132.11. are required to make direct payment to the service provider of the relevant amounts based on the volumes of waste off-loaded, according to the following tariff schedule:

Liquid Waste (Annexes I and IV):

Price per m3 Marpol-classed liquids: 82.50 € /m3

Price per m3 Marpol-classed high-density fluids (Sludge, Mud or products that are not liquid at ambient temperature): 125.00 € /m3

Solid Waste (annex V):

Minimum service: provision and/or collection of first 1.1.m3 waste bin 44 euros
Collection of additional 1.1.m3 waste bins 44 euros
Collection of a 5 m3 skip with waste classifiable as Solid Urban Refuse 136 euros
Collection of a 5 m3 skip with waste classifiable as Industrial Urban Refuse 184 Euros


Download "Specific requirements for the liquid waste disposal service at the Port of Marin" (in Spanish).
Download "Specific requirements for the solid waste disposal service at the Port of Marin" (in Spanish).
Download "Tarifas derivadas de la prestación del servicio portuario de recepción de desechos líquidos de buques".


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