The port of Marín has an Internal Emergency and Self-Protection Plan in accordance with Royal Decree 145/1989 of 20 January, which approves the National Regulation on the Acceptance, Handling and Storage of hazardous goods in ports and Royal Decree 393/2007 of 23 March, which approves the Basic Self-Protection Standard for centres, establishments and dependencies devoted to businesses that might give rise to emergency situations.

Download the Port of Marin internal emergency plan.



Over the last few years, the Port Authority of Marín and Ría de Pontevedra has developed a plan to protect the environment and prevent marine pollution and which is further developed in the Contingency Plan for accidental marine pollution. The intention is for the Port to arm itself with a tool that enables it to deal with any pollution that may occur within its field of action, while also complying with the requirements of state and regional regulations in this matter.

Download the Port of Marin maritime emergency plan.